I wrote you last week telling about a new primary challenge I am facing in my re-election bid.

Today, matters got worse.

I just learned of a plan to organize new political challengers to defeat me and a new secret "Independent Expenditure Fund" to spend upwards of 3 MILLION Dollars to take me out...and that is just for starters.

Let me briefly explain: you see the local media and their cohorts are trying to organize a massive campaign against to defeat me - funded by MILLIONS!! Here is their plan (what we know so far):

  1. Use the "editorial" and so-called "letters to editor" pages in Arizona's largest newspapers to fabricate a campaign of misinformation
  2. Recruit Republican challengers to defeat me: In fact editorial writers are openly calling for my former political opponents to challenge me in the primary
  3. Organize the so-called business community to spend $2 million to $3 million just for starters to remove me from office.

Patriot, you have stood with me before and that is why I'm turning to you again.

Today I need your support more than ever. Will you make a special "FIGHT BACK FOR JOE" contribution to ensure I can fight back and win.

I frankly don't have anywhere else to turn.

Below I have provided you special links - ASSIGNED JUST TO YOU - to make your special contribution. I will be notified immediately when you make your donation and I will be forever grateful..

Contributed to"FIGHT BACK FOR JOE" campaign?



Chip in $10 immediately


Chip in $25 immediately


Chip in $50 immediately


Chip in $100 immediately

Patriot, I have fought hard for the rule of law, I have put murderers and drug deals behind bars, I have stood up to President Obama's lawless immigration policies, I have survived death plots and gun shots... and I have done so because of my love for America.

Today, I'm asking you to stand up for me.

Will you?

Fighting for you,

Sheriff Joe Arpaio




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From: Sheriff Joe Arpaio
To: Patriot
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 3:55 PM
Subject: My pledge to you, Patriot


I'm going to cut right to the chase, because I really need your help.

You've been a tremendous supporter of my campaigns through the years and because of that I'm asking for your help with my legal defense fund.

You see, in the daily exercise of doing my job I am often targeted by groups that file legal actions against me for a variety of reasons.

In some instances I have to personally pay for attorneys to represent me in these cases. I do not have the personal wealth or the wherewithal to keep up with the costly demands of paying for attorneys to defend me.

So many of my supporters have asked me, "What else can I do to help?" That's why several years ago, I established the "Joe Arpaio Legal Defense Fund," created to help raise money with which I can defend myself against the numerous lawsuits I face day in and day out.

I'm going to keep fighting for what I know is right. I took an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution and I will keep that oath until my last breath.

Will you join me? I desperately need your help now -- I cannot do it alone.

Your financial support today is critical. Please make a much-needed, generous contribution of $25, $50 or even $100 to the "Joe Arpaio Legal Fund" today!

Unlike a political campaign, THERE ARE NO LIMITS to how much you can give. Further, the contribution can come from any entity: business, trust, corporation, etc.

I would be so honored and grateful if you would consider making a contribution today. I don't have the personal resources to pay for attorneys to represent me in each and every case. Your most generous gift would be greatly appreciated.

Can I count on your support for the "Joe Arpaio Legal Fund?"

Please help me -- I pledge to you that I will never give up or surrender -- and I thank you for your support.

Again, I cannot express enough my gratitude for your support and backing. Thank you so very much and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


- Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona

P.S. Patriot, please don't delete this email -- I desperately need your help to fight the numerous legal actions being waged against me. And, please remember, unlike a political campaign, there are no limits to what you can give -- and any amount is greatly appreciated! Please consult your tax professional for any tax deduction you may receive by giving to this organization.




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