Dear Congressman Stockman:


Please accept our heart-felt gratitude for leading the mission to launch a congressional investigation of Barack Obama’s fraudulent identity documents. Your stepping up to the plate to confront an issue that is at the very heart of the numerous scandals emanating from the White House is in our view—and that of millions of other Americans—an act of true heroism.


Please know that you are not alone in your mission. Inspired by your courage, we are imploring our own Congressmen and Senators to demand answers to two questions: Who are the parties responsible for forging Barack Obama's birth certificate and Selective Service registration card, and why did they feel it necessary to fabricate identity documents for the President of the United States?


So far, we have met with dozens of our elected representatives and presented them with Sheriff’s Kits, produced by Michael Volin of They contain incontrovertible evidence of felony-level fraud uncovered during a two-year (and still ongoing) investigation by the Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff's Cold Case Posse. Many of our presentations appear on Mr. Volin’s web site, and enclosed is a list of the office holders who have been briefed as of this date.


God bless you and, again, thank you for your valor and your patriotism. We stand four-square behind you in the effort to take our country back.