Is Ann Dunham the Scantily-clad Model?

Ann Dunham Mystery Model
Hairline high Hairline medium/low
Eye brow longer Eye brows shorter, more space between them
Forehead slopes Forehead flat
Nose curves down Nose is straight
Nose is more pointed Nose is round
Nostril angle 25 degrees Nostril angle 16 degrees
Straight cheek line Curved cheek line
Orbicularis Oris angle inwards Orbicularis Oris is vertical
Custpid and other teeth are larger Cuspid and teeth are smaller
Mentalis curves inwards Mentalis curves slightly
Lip to chin distance is larger Lip to chin distance shorter
Jaw bone angle 30 degrees Jaw bone angle 28 degrees

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Photos of the Mystery Model
Note: Parental guidance suggested

These photos are from a risque magazine published in New York
The furniture was seen in a wide variety of photos, with a variety of models.
Frank Marshall Davis acknowledged taking nude photos, but not that many.

Fever Dreams From My Real Father: Joel Gilbert's Lies and Exotique's Photos of "Ann Dunham"
Loren Collins, Esq.
Interview with KRUU station in Fairfield Iowa

Fairfield made Dr. Corsi's World News Daily

NOT Ann Dunham - which is Joel's theory

Other Problems with Joel's theory

Furniture does not look Hawaiian
Furniture and apartment looks consistent with New York
High heels are not practical for Hawaii
No significant Hawaiian sun tan
If Stanley was a CIA agent, he would know if his daughter was posing nude in a published magazine
Many people had the jazz records, not just Frank

Age Difference Problems

Name Place of birth Born

Age at Conception

President Barack Obama Honolulu? 4 Aug 1961


Ann Dunham Fort Leavenworth 29 Nov 1942


Brack Obama Sr. Rachuonyo, Kenya 18 June 1936


Frank Marshall Davis Arkansas City, Kansas 31 Dec 1905


Stanley Dunham Wichita, Kansas 23 Mar 1918


At 18 years old, would Ann make love with a man aged 25 (Barack Obama Sr.),
or a man 55 (Frank Marshall Davis), over 3 times her age, and 12 years older than her father?
Of course it is not impossible, but is a point to consider.

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